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If you are looking for a reliable and effective trading tool that can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of market sentiment and which side of the market you want to follow, look no further than the "Big Board" Indicator Suite for TradingView.

The "Big Board" RGL Sentiment Indicator provides a comprehensive view of sentiment and overall market conditions. It uses institutional trading algorithms to show the flow of money, aggregate volume to show changes in the market with sophisticated data analytics to give you unparalleled insight and real-time market analysis. Whether you are a novice or professional trader, this tool is perfect for you!

The following features and indicators are included:

• "Big Board" RGL
"Big Board" RGL Sentiment Indicator with Aggregate Volume
• VN Supply Demand
Shows Liquidity Areas from Auctions and compliments the Big Board RGL Sentiment Aggregate Volume indicator.
• Level 2 v1.6
• Automatic Session Lines
• Jack Ryan v1.8
• Value Line Monitor v1.20
• Matrix v1.10
• Fractal Level One Fast Slow v1.5
• Key Levels v1.6
• Option Price Box
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Included with the indicator will be several handpicked recent classes on the “Big Board” why is valuable to follow in your trading, the RGL process to identify key times and levels to keep you trading with the sentiment of the market along with aggregate volume to see change of direction or potential new entries and exits in the market by the big players.

• Sentiment Trade Structure – Big Board Trading
• Big Board Trade – The Process
• Volume Supply & Demand Narrative
• Essential Puts & Call Ratio – Macro Key Levels
• Aggregate Supply & Demand
• RGL Bias Sentiment Trade Exercise
• Structure – RGL’s – Big Board Trades
• Order Flow Structure Con’t.
• Intern’s Trade Exercise
• Market Matrix – RGL’s – Squeeze – Tipping Point

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Try Our Exclusive "Big Board" RGL Sentiment Indicator

The “Big Board” RGL Sentiment Indicator with Aggregate Volume for TradingView is the perfect tool to get you started on your trading. This indicator will give you the confidence you need to make informed market moves. With just this one tool, you’ll get clear direction and ultimate solutions for your market strategies.

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