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The Order Flow Trading Enhancements suite provides a range of indicators that help to identify important events and patterns in Order Flow and other market information that often precede certain price movements.

The following features and indicators are included:

• Auction Bars
Similar to Sierra Chart Reversal Bars, but with an improved mapping of directional moves and reversals.
• Bearish/Bullish Momentum
These indicators look for patterns in bid/ask volumes on three adjacent price levels to identify bearish or bullish price action.
• Buying/Selling Exhaustion
These indicators look for patterns in bid/ask volumes on three adjacent price levels, close to the high/low of the bar, in order to identify weakness in buying or selling activity.
• Volume Nodes
This indicator identifies high volume price clusters within a bar and uses the placement of HVNs and POC on the bar to identify responsive buying/selling and initiated buying/selling.
• Price Rejection
Identifies price levels at which buyers or sellers attempted to move price beyond those levels but failed to carry it through
• Absorption Zones
Identifies absorption that occurs near the bar High/Low.
• Stacked Imbalances
Identifies zones where buying or selling imbalances are found on a number of consecutive price levels.
• Value Monitor
Using a selected anchor point, the indicator monitors the movements of the main chart symbol against four correlated markets and signals any divergent moves in intrinsic value as possible trade opportunities. Optionally, a filter can be applied to signal only when price is close to wholesale price levels for the selected market.
• Market Divergence
The indicator checks moves between swing highs and lows on the main market and on a second market or study in order to identify divergent moves. Divergences can help to determine whether price is likely to reverse or a trend is likely to continue.
• Volume Reversal
Uses price action and volume to identify a chart pattern that signals an imminent reversal.
• Volume Triggers
Identifies signals for shakeouts, traps, end of trend, and supply and demand bars that help to build a picture of market behaviour.
• Market Maker Reversal
Uses a two-bar combination followed by a low volume test to identify market maker intervention prior to a reversal.
• Pressure Line
Usually present on Ray’s charts to identify volume divergence based on shifts in buying and selling pressure as the market moves through auction cycles.
• Formula
A simple utility to calculate spreads and value lines from chart data.
• Voltic
Shows where the speed of trading increases substantially, indicating the presence of institutional activity, and indicates whether the increased activity is on the bid or the ask.
• Stopping Volume
The indicator highlights where high volume arrives to halt the current price movement.
• Measured Move
The indicator monitors price action to identify minor and major institutional price levels and plot the rolling 50 levels. These levels can be used to identify potential targets in measured price moves and will often serve as important support/resistance levels.
• Full VZscore
Based on the standard Zscore indicator, it uses a volume Zscore to refine the price Zscore and give a better quality signal.
• Time Segmented Volume
Segments a market’s price and volume according to time intervals. The price and volume data are then compared to identify periods of accumulation (buying) and distribution (selling).
The indicator identifies price levels that meet certain criteria in terms of the length of a sequence of up and down moves. These levels can often be used in conjunction with measured moves to identify key support or resistance zones.
• BSG (Before She Goes)
Identifies price action patterns that indicate that a squeeze trade is imminent-
• Failed Auction / Level 2 Buyers and Sellers
Identifies buyer and seller auctions that have failed to retest top or bottom edges, and the appearance of level 2 buyers and sellers.
• Book Ratio
Displays book ratio values that can be used to identify exhaustion and stopping volume levels.
• Market Maker Model
Identifies delta divergence that indicate changes in Market Maker bias.
Identifies the presence of toxic order flow, which will help to determine the probable reaction of the Market Maker and, in consequence, the likely direction of the market.
• Ice Order
Indicates the existence of iceberg orders where we see traded volumes that are significantly higher than the average liquidity available at a given price.
• Stop Run
Identifies price levels within a bar at which a zero bid or ask volume indicates a rapid move through those levels typically seen in a stop run.
• Block Trades
Shows the number and direction of large block trades that take place at different price levels on a bar.
• Depth of Market
Plots the order book bid/ask volumes over a specified range of price levels.
• Stacking and Pulling
Plots, in histogram form, the net stacking and pulling on the DOM over a specified number of price levels.
• Gold Scalper
Uses correlated Silver and Copper markets together with Pressure Line and Cumulative Delta to determine potential short-term price movement of the Gold market.
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