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Getting Started

Trading the Forex market successfully requires an equal measure of market knowledge, disciplined practice, and proactive fortitude.  For many trading the Forex is more than hobby or a profession.

CompassFX is dedicated to assisting each client in this endeavor by providing efficient trading platforms, valuable market information, effective resources, and customer support from folks who really do know how to trade.  We suggest the following links to become familiar with the Forex market, our trading platforms, and the tools to prepare you to trade the Forex. 


Why Trade the Forex Market? — Review the basics and benefits of the Forex market.

Forex Market — Review the basics and benefits of the Forex market.

FAQs of the Forex Market — Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Forex.

Influencing Factors — Discover primary economic factors affecting major currency pairs

Online Training — Learn how to trade on the MetaTrader 4.0 trading platforms.

Open a Demo Account — Open a free demo account to practice your trading skills.

Open a Live Account — Open a live account to start making real money in the Forex.

Resources — Trading tools and strategies to enhance your trading.

Trading Platform — Learn the trading platform and review how to place trades.

Trading Videos — Free Forex Training Videos on various trading techniques.